The New PCI

PCI is your premiere coin grading service for authenticating and grading your rare coin assets.

When PCI started business in 1989, the name of the company was Photo Certified Institute, hence the acronym of PCI. Since 1989 the company has evolved into the new PCI we are today. PCI is now under new ownership committed to providing accuracy, quality and value to our customers.

Our customers and future customers will soon begin to see many positive changes to enhance those high-quality attributes of PCI from the past. The quality of our grading will be standard and consistent. Our turn-around times will continue to be the best in the industry, and our pricing will always be the lowest.

Our new coin holders, website and policies will set a new market standard and confidence for PCI and the coin trading industry. We will give you superior customer service, consistent grading, fast turnaround times and always low cost grading fees. Get your coins graded by PCI today because security is priceless!

Under New Management

  • 10 coins!
  • 5 Days!
  • 10 Bucks ea.!

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