Submission Instructions

Using the PCI submission form
Download a submission Form

The PCI submission form is available for download in an Adobe Acrobat .pdf file. By using this file, you can print a blank form in the most pristine condition possible. Most computer users have Adobe Acrobat Reader already downloaded on their system. If you do not, it easy, quick, and best of all, free. Simply go to On the home page, just below the glitzy photo on the left side is a block entitled “Download Adobe Reader” and follow the instructions. It will take just a minute or two.

Adobe Acrobat is a program used by millions of those in the printing and marketing businesses (and others) to transfer files exactly as intended. Additionally, these files cannot be altered when downloaded, so you’re assured of receiving the file as it was intended.

Name & Address Block

Once you’ve printed a copy of the submission form, complete the name and address block. Be sure to print all information on your form! The name and address portion is critical, as we really can’t do anything without this information. And yes, an e-mail address is very important. In many instances, e-mail is the best way in today’s society to communicate.

Return Shipping

Just to the right of the name and address block are three options for us to return your coins. If you select 2-day FedEx or Priority FedEx, we must have a physical street address, and you and you alone must be available to sign for the package. Priority FedEx is an additional fee, so add $15 at the bottom of your form where we give you every opportunity to give us more money. Returning your coins via Registered Mail (the safest method of transport) is available if you request, or for all orders which exceed $15,000 in total value.

Listing Your Coins

Properly listing the coins you submit is very important. First, please ensure that your coins are placed into Mylar flips, without staples or tape. Next, take your first coin and enter the information for that coin along line number 1 of the submission form. Then write the number 1 (to correspond with the submission form line number) on the flip with a Sharpie type marker, or on a very small label placed on the flip. Repeat the step with each subsequent coin. If submitting more than 20 coins, simply use additional forms, including your name information at the top. When using more than 1 form for a single submission, only use the totals blocks on the first form to calculate the costs.

Owner’s Declared Value

This is the value you place on your coins! Indicate the value for each individual listing, then list the total for all in the box right of OWNER’S TOTAL VALUE. This is the value upon which your insurance fee is based. Use the insurance chart on the back of the submission form to determine the insurance costs. Your coins are insured for the value you state and for which you pay.

Payment Block (Lower Right Corner)

This section is where you tell us which service you prefer. Please, use only one service level per submission form. Check the service for the coins as listed on the form. Multiply the service fee times the number of coins and place that amount on the proper line. If additional fees are necessary for added value, etc, please include the appropriate fees. The shipping and handling costs must also be included. Return shipping and handling is simply 75 cents per coin, so multiply the total number of coins times that number. Include insurance for your coins based upon the OWNER’S DECLARED VALUE from the chart on the reverse side of the submission form. If you want any additional PCI slab boxes, state the quantity and add an additional $7 per box.

Be sure to make payment appropriate to the services you’ve requested. If you have any questions, we’ll be glad to help. Just give us a call at 800-277-2646 (800-277-COIN.)

Variety Attribution Verification vs Variety Research

Variety Attribution Verification - Our Variety Attribution Verification provides you with the most accurate attribution verification service in the industry. The fee is $15 per coin. You list the variety by attribution number, we will then verify that number and include the information on the holder’s label if correct. If not correct, we will automatically research the variety if possible and show the correct attribution on the holder’s label, and charge the additional $5 fee for Variety Research.

Variety Research - If you feel your coin is a known and listed variety, but you don’t have the materials available to research that listing, we will do that for you. The fee is $20 per coin. Indicate you want the variety identified on the holder’s label. We will research the variety and add the attribution on the label if the coin is listed in one of our approved references. If the coin is not a recognized variety, we do not arbitrarily list identifications that are not verifiable, or are too generic in nature. For instance, we will not simply list a coin as a “doubled die” if that doubled die is either not recognized in our reference library, or is too minor to attribute. There are no refunds or credits when we perform the service and cannot make an attribution.

Signature Series Attributions

The PCI Signature Series provides the ultimate in attribution services, with the leading specialists and experts in their respective fields actually making the attributions and signing the labels! All Signature Series submission should be entered on a form totally separate from any other submissions. These coins are sent via insured FedEx to the respective experts, who in turn make the attributions and return the coins to PCI to finish the encapsulation. These specialists sign each label personally, guaranteeing the accuracy of the attribution. We will soon have a special submission form for the Signature Series available on the web site.

The specialists for this program followed by their areas of expertise are:

  • Rick Snow – Flying Eagle and Indian cents
  • Chuck Daugherty – Lincoln cents
  • Howard Spindel - Shield nickels
  • Brian Raines - Morgan dollars
  • Dr. David Close - Peace dollars
  • J. T. Stanton- Errors, FS numbers (Cherrypickers’ Guide listings) and others as listed.

The expected turn around time for Signature Series coins is estimated to be 25 days. However, many of the submissions, especially those for Dr. Close and Stanton will be much less. The cost for this service is $25 per coin, plus other applicable fees.

Other attributions available for the J. T. Stanton Signature Series are listed below. The attribution abbreviations follow the reference.

  • Walter Breen’s Complete Encyclopedia of U. S. and Colonial Coins (Breen)
  • Cherrypickers’ Guide by Fivaz and Stanton (FS)
  • The Complete Guide to Shield and Liberty Nickels by Peters and Mohon (PM)
  • The Jefferson Nickel RPM Book (and update) by James Wiles (CONECA)
  • The Complete Guide to Liberty Seated Half Dimes by Al Blythe (Blythe)
  • The Complete Guide to Liberty Seated Dimes by Brian Greer (Greer)
  • The Complete Guide to Barber Dimes by David Lawrence (L)
  • The Complete Guide to Barber Quarters by David Lawrence (L)
  • The Comprehensive Encyclopedia of U. S. Liberty Seated Quarters by Larry Briggs (Briggs)
  • The Complete Guide to Liberty Seated Half Dollars by Wiley & Bugert (W&B)
  • The Complete Guide to Barber Halves by David Lawrence (L)
  • The RPM Book by John A. Wexler and Tom Miller (CONECA)
  • All varieties as listed in the Red Book (Red Book)


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