The New PCI Labels

New PCI labels are being introduced to help identify coins authenticated, graded, and attributed since new management has taken over. The goals of the new management team are to provide accurate authentication, accurate grading, and accurate authentication.

At PCI we will encapsulate most coins that are determined genuine, but with some problem. These problem coins are assigned a technical grade based upon the wear (or other features) along with indications of the problems associated with the coin. Some of these problems could be cleaned, scratched, bent, holed, or simply damaged. We will also use other designations that may best describe the reason the coin has a problem.

With this service, genuine coins with problems are authenticated. We feel this is a better alternative for our customers, and all collectors, than paying for a service that many feel may be incomplete.



  • 10 coins!
  • 5 Days!
  • 7 Bucks ea.!

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